Connecting and querying AWS redshift from python is similar to connect with the other relational databases.

In this article, we will use sqlalchemy,psycopg2, and pandas libraries to import the redshift data into pandas Dataframe.

if these libraries are not installed in your system then you need to install them via…

S3 is the simple storage service offered by AWS. used to store the objects through a web service interface.

Widely used file storage service for the creation of data lake or storing raw data.

Redshift is a cloud database service offered by AWS for designing data warehouse(DWH) solutions.

When we…

Recently tableau has released the Tableau 2020.4 beta with some cool features.

Please find them below tableau desktop cool features:-

1:- Multi Marks layer

Now it’s quite easy to add layers on maps so that we can compare different marks on a single tableau worksheet.

2:- Redshift spatial data support


A data enthusiast, Having 8 years of experience in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence field, Currently working as Senior BI developer at Home24 Berlin.

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